Monday, December 20, 2010

They're Putting A Balloon Inside Me!

Hi Friends, it's a busy morning here at Boston Children's. Yes I tried to stay awake like I said last night, but Mom popped this Christmas hat on me and then when she held me I couldn't help it... next thing I know I was waking up as she was putting me back in my bed.

At 9:00 (Eastern) this morning I'm going into the "cath" lab. (Man, that's really hard to say without any teeth. I did have one when I was born but somebody pulled it out!)

Dad explained to me that they are going to put a balloon in my body (I wonder if it's one of those silver ones with writing like I have in my room). He says the doctors will go through my leg and run this balloon up to my heart.  Good thing I'm still short; it won't have to travel so far!

When they get the balloon in my body they will inflate it (wonder if I will talk funny after that) and try to get more blood flowing through my aorta. Dad says this will also help the doctors and nurses who are going to operate on me tomorrow, as they will get a nice picture of how my heart is working right now. Isn't science amazing! I can't wait to grow up and learn all about it.

Mom finally got some rest last night. She looks just like an angel when she sleeps. Dad stayed right here with me so Mom could rest and he kept a close watch on me all night. I really love it when Mom and Dad hold me, though I think they are a little frustrated they can't hold me close like they want to right now.

Dad says after my visit to the cath lab today I'll have that nasty tube in my chest again, and it will stay there until around 2 weeks after my surgery. I think this means they can't hold me at all, but they aren't telling me that. They probably don't want to worry me, because they know how all my numbers improve when I'm in their arms.

I overheard Dad saying something about how we are getting into the hard part and they are going to have to be really strong. I know they can do it. I'm still talking to my heart every day, asking it to please cooperate so Mom and Dad don't have to worry.

Well it looks like they are coming for me. I have to go get my game face on and be ready. Thanks to all my great friends for supporting and praying for me, and for all your love and help to Mom and Dad. You all are the best!


  1. Hey little man! Thank you for keeping us posted. You are very brave like your mom and dad. We are praying for super duper smart doctors and nurses and techs. (and they better be nice to your mommy because her heart is really tender) You crack me up throwing the tooth thing in there. You did indeed have one but that was the least of our worries. Your German Shepard Samson is waiting to meet you. (he thinks the nursery is his room too) Prayers!!!

  2. Will, Nikki, and Sweet Mathew,
    We love you all and are praying for you! we missed you this weekend. Mathew is so sweet. we love the Blog, this is great. please keep it up! God Bless this Family!!!
    Chris, Tracy, Tanner and Brelin Wakefield

  3. Matthew ... glad you are keeping us posted ... your typing and writing skills are great ... you'll be college in no time ;) I had a few balloons in me too, when I was little I used to think one day I was going to just fly away ... luckily science is pretty smart and they figured out a way to make them like really small ... I am glad they are going to get a good picture of your heart for the doctors and nurses and surgeons who are going to help you, I've always thought pictures were nice but in this case they are great :) I know you are being so strong right now and it's hard your mommy and daddy can't just hold you call the time, but this is why we get the term BraveHeart very early in life ... we are born to have great nicknames ;) I am praying for you, Mommy, and Daddy and your whole extended family everyday and I know that God has a great plan for you little buddy ... you are touching so many hearts and lives already and you haven't even been here a week (how many other's can say that when they aren't even a week old!) ... you are a little RockStar already! You are just too cute for words ... keep us posted but rest too ... because you and Mommy and Daddy surely deserve it!! Hugs and love to you Matthew, Mommy and Daddy and whole family!!! <3

  4. Matthew,

    I am a fellow HLHSer, over 7 months old now. I've been in your shoes (ok, I know you don't wear shoes or socks, but you get the jist.) Be sure you tell your mom and dad that we are tough cookies and have amazing strength. A lot of times, my mom and dad find their strength through me. My Norwood took place just 15 hours after I was born. I'm now through my Stage II and am doing GREAT! Hang in there Matthew and tell your mom and dad "hi!"