Monday, December 27, 2010

Quick Morning Update

Boston, After the Blizzard
I have a quick update to share with you from William this morning. Matthew is being discharged from CICU today. Last night they pulled his arterial line. This morning they plan to pull his last common atrial line, as well as his pacer wires and Blake drain. After that he will only have peripheral IV's remaining

Very soon William and Nikki will be able to pick up and hold Matthew whenever they want. William says "not to mention change all of his dirty diapers." And they couldn't be more excited about the prospect.

As most of you know Boston (like the rest of the northeast) experienced a blizzard last night. William, who has lived in south Alabama his entire life, and Nikki left their room walking to the hospital early this morning. He assumed it would be a long trek, due to the snow, but to his surprise the snow plow picked them up and gave them a ride to the hospital! What an adventure!

On a personal note, I've read so many stories of CHD babies since we started this blog that I know a couple of things: 1. Matthew has been very blessed with a smooth surgery, excellent care, and thus far a rather uncomplicated recovery (it's rather unbelievable to me that, less than a week after open heart surgery, he can be down to peripheral IV's and out of the CICU) and 2. he is not alone in his CHD fight.

Many thanks to those of you who have shared your stories thus far. I know it helps William and Nikki to realize they are surrounded by many others who have been down this road before. Also a big thanks to those of you commenting here with your words of support, encouragement and prayers.

Finally, a very heartfelt thank you to those of you who have contributed to Matthew's fund to help cover the tremendous amount of unexpected expenses along this journey to heal Matthew. William and Nikki are just learning what all they are in for, and I don't think they've even scratched the surface yet.

My gratitude to each of you!

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