Thursday, December 30, 2010

Super Matthew

Super Matthew!
Hi Friends! I haven't written to you in a few days because the days have been so busy. A couple days after the nurses took that breathing tube out of my nose they took lots of other tubes and that drain out as well. I'm practically a free man now.

Around the same time they moved me out of that super high tech room and into a room with one other baby (he's kind of noisy - he burps a lot and he makes, well, other noises too). Of course I keep getting the hiccups so maybe he's writing on his blog about that other baby with hiccups sharing the room with him.

However, the most important part, and the reason I haven't written, is that Mom and Dad have been holding me all the time. I can't really explain it but as soon as they touch me my whole body feels better. It's like some kind of magic healing touch they have. They also started giving me yummy milk through my mouth, rather than putting everything right into my belly. My taste buds are oh-so-happy!

Most of my swelling must be gone too, because people aren't looking at me like I'm an alien anymore, so I know things are improving. Of course Mom and Dad didn't look at me like that, but I can see they look less worried every day, which also makes me feel better.

Grandma Hall has been here all week. Aunt Addie, Uncle Jamie, Mimi and Aunt Jen are coming this weekend. I'm the luckiest kid in the world to have all this family come all the way up to my hospital in Boston just to see me.

Well I just wanted to let you all know I'm doing really well and feeling better every day. I've even heard the nurses talking about maybe letting me go home one day soon.

 I also want to say a big giant thank you to all the nice people who have been helping Mom and Dad be able to pay for all my care and to get me back home. From the nice people at Thomas Hospital in Fairhope, AL to Mend Maddie's Heart to friends in Daphne, AL, Durango, CO and my Uncle Ryan's family as far away as Oregon and Alaska, I am just amazed at how wonderful people are in this big world. I heard Mom crying again the other day when she heard about the people who have sent help for her and Dad. I'm really having to work hard sometimes to know if she's happy or sad when she's crying. I'm pretty sure those were really happy tears though. For that, I thank you all.

I continue to do my part to strengthen my heart. I'm doing some kick boxing and running in place, and I talk to my heart every day, encouraging it to keep healing and getting stronger so that Mom and Dad can take us all home again. The more I hear about people the more I love you all and am so happy I decided to be born into this world, and to these two special people.

Happy New Year! XOXOXO


  1. Such wonderful news. Dottie we are keeping you and your family in our continued prayers.

  2. Great news Matthew! Glad you are doing so well and it was great to hear from you. :)

    Sending love & light your way as always.

    Happy New Year Kiddo!


  3. What wonderful news!! I am so happy for you MattHew and your family. You are one strong boy! I hope you received the gift from CJs crew. Keep up the great work matthew and happy new years!
    Heart hugs

  4. You are unbelievably cute in that SuperMan shirt. It sure fits you are a little man of steel! Hope you keep doing great! Tell your Mom and Dad I said Hello!!! Hugs and kisses Cutie Pie! Luv, Lesley

  5. I just heard about Little Matthew and this is amazing news! Hopefully he will be home with his family very very soon!!!! <3

  6. I am so happy to hear Matthew is doing well. I'm hoping all his family has a safe trip to Boston this weekend. We're heading south to Pensacola from Mass to see Maddie this weekend. These little ones are so so special. I love them all. Love, Maddie's Grandma Cindy

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!!!! We are so proud of our SUPERMAN, and that you continue to improve each day. Keep up the kickboxing and running in place to keep getting your heart stronger everyday so that you can get home soon. We are at Gran Gran's house today and she sends you loads of hugs and kisses and all her love. Happy New Year to you all. We love you, Uncle Tom, Aunt Marsha and of course GRAN GRAN!!!

  8. Love hearing about all of your leaps and bounds of improvement. Praying for you, your mommy, and your daddy. Hopefully, you will get to experience an Alabama winter soon. Leah B.

  9. How wonderful Matthew is doing!! He is just beautiful. Happy New Year to all of you!

    Penny Richbourg

  10. Wonderful news!! So glad things are gong so well for you guys and hope you get home soon!

  11. Reading your blog just puts a smile on my face and tears in my eyes! Your journey has been such a roller coaster for us here. Can't imagine what it's been for you and your family!!!!! Keep it up, Big Boy! Love ya, Laura Fancher

  12. matthew you are adorable in your superman shirt!!! i know that your mommy and daddy are SO proud of their baby boy!! im sending many good wishes and prayers to you from me and the rest of the womens & childrens thomas crew!! we think of you every day!
    natalie wright