Friday, December 24, 2010

A Star On Christmas Eve

Hi Friends! To say my first full week of life outside Mom's belly has been eventful is certainly the understatement of the year. Of course I've been telling you guys about all the activity from the first moment I squeezed out of my cozy aquatic home and onto dry land, into the hands of the nice lady doctor there waiting for me!

I told you guys about the awesome plane ride from Pensacola to Boston, seeing Lady Liberty from the sky, all the super nice doctors and nurses in Boston who did some plumbing work on my heart, and all the other cool things in between.

It's been so fun hearing from some of you out there and knowing that so many people are interested in our story, and care about me and Mom and Dad so much. Well it turns out a lady named Debbie who works for a big news station in Mobile, AL (near where our home is in Daphne) has been reading about me too!

This morning Debbie went to my Mimi and Papa McClurg's house to talk to Mimi and Aunt Jen about my heart (I wonder why so many people like to talk about my heart!). Debbie brought her friend Randy, who had a great big camera (Dad showed me a picture - but it's not as big as that camera that was taking pictures of my heart the other day - I think I'd rather be on Randy's camera though).

I heard Dad and Mom on the phone talking with Debbie. He said she's from WKRG and is going to tell people about our story and help raise awareness about other babies like me. Well I asked the nurse if she would do my hair and makeup so I'd look fabulous for my big break into show business (and she did a pretty good job - I think I looked quite handsome and I don't mind saying it), but then wouldn't you know it? They didn't even interview me!

I could hardly believe it. After all, I really thought this show was about me, but then I get stiffed! Well, it turns out that Mimi showed lots of pictures and video to Debbie and everyone agreed that I was lots prettier before my surgery and that even with my makeup I might scare some people if they saw me right now.

I'm trying not to be offended by that last comment! Oh, you guys might be wondering about Mom and Dad. They are amazing, as always. I was so happy that Dad and Grandpa Hall went out for a while to get some fresh air. Dad got to have a beer in Cheers (he said "the real Cheers," whatever that means), and go on a tour of Boston.

It's been really hard to get Mom and Dad to leave me and go take some time for themselves, but I know it's good for them, and so it's also really good for me. Mom and Dad are so strong and every day I just know I picked the right mommy and daddy!

Oh some really nice friends of my family (Darren and Maureen) live in Boston and invited Mom and Dad to come over tonight on Christmas Eve for a while and have a home-cooked meal. Mimi told me they even went out and bought some Christmas gifts for them. I was really worried that Mom and Dad were just going to stay here the whole time and fuss over me.

I cannot WAIT for them to go out for a while so I can finally get some rest. Man, I love those guys but do we really need to dance a jig when I pee my pants? If that's all it takes to make them happy this is going to be one easy ride! I'm working on my next big "present" for them as we speak... ;)

Oh, and there's this one nurse who is so cute and she's extra sweet to me. I think she likes me, so I've been waiting for the perfect moment alone with her to make my move. I can't do that with Mom and Dad here!

Speaking of, here she comes now so I have to sign off. Aunt Jen said she will post the video of that nice Debbie from WKRG later for everyone, after it airs around 5:00 and 6:00 tonight.

A gigantic thank you once again to all the wonderful people who are taking care of me and Mom and Dad while I'm healing. People are really really special, aren't they?

Merry Christmas Everyone. I'm thinking of you all and sending you lots of butterfly kisses from my special, high-tech room here at Boston Children's Hospital.



  1. Hello,My name is Patrick Thompson and I live in Saraland We have alot in common. My son Connor was born 4/1/08 with HLHS. I know what you are dealing with. Everyone around you wants to help. They just do not understand. I do. Connor is 2 1/2 and you would never know anything is wrong with him. Stay strong for Matthew and each other. If you need to talk or if I or my wife Angie can answer any questions about anything contact me at Merry Christmas...HUG Matthew for us.

    Patrick, Angie, Ivy and Baby Connor

  2. Hey Matthew, great to hear you're doing a lot better. I saw your Mimi on the news, and they even showed a little clip of you. You looked so handsome. Tell your mom and dad that I'm thinking of all of you and keeping you in my prayers. They know me from the hospital on night shift. You get well quickly so you can get home to Alabama. Take care, Jackie Mott

  3. I think that is just awesome that your story got the attention of the news! I know my husband and I had no idea about the CHD world until our own son showed us ALLLLL about it! Please take some time to keep yourselves healthy, and know that little Matthew truly has prayers from all over the country going up for him!
    Merry Christmas little one!
    Kathy, Chris, and Sam (HRHS)

  4. I was checking on an update on Maverick at the Heart Parent's fbk page and Matthew's story caught my eye...and the word Daphne. I gave birth to my son Caleb on 9/24, not knowing he had 3 common heart defects until that evening...and to have them all at one time was rare. He was flown to UAB in Birmingham on 9/25. He was supposed to have ONE surgery (10/4) to fix everything but the doctor changed plans and it was to require a 2nd surgery around 6 months. But then they decided he needed a 2nd surgery and there were several options to look at b/c he was a rare case. They decided to go back in and fix everything, only a coronary tore in surgery (10/20) and was overlooked until after they tried to bring him off bypass. It resulted in Caleb having to go on the heart and lung machine and for the next 24 hours it was a fight for his life to get bleeding under control. Then he developed an infection that he couldn't fight off while on the machine and his heart looked to be too weak still to come off the machine. It was on 10/25 that bleeding was found on the brain due to the infection and we let them take him off ECMO. We had waited for a 2nd child for 7 years and on 10/25/10, just at 4 weeks old we said goodbye to our sweet Caleb. We live in Daphne. I hope my story doesn't scare you or upset you but I wanted to share that we have been through all the scary moments you are going through and if you ever need anything, we are local in Daphne.
    There is a page "In Loving Memory of Caleb Luke Lowery" on facebook. You can find me there.