Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm Staying Awake Forever!!

Mom finally arrived and I swear I am never taking my eyes off this woman again. Even it that means I never go back to sleep! Mom looks kind of tired and really worn out, but her eyes still lit up just like the first time we saw each other. Even exhausted she's just beautiful. Dad was really happy to see her too. I think he's a little relieved as well (but don't tell him I told you that).

Dad and I had a lot of fun, just us guys hanging out, but the room just feels softer since Mom came in. Now I see why Dad decided to hold on to her! I'm so glad he did, too. Mom and Dad are talking about something they are going to do to me tomorrow.

They say I might go to a lab that has a lot of cats in it. I'm hope I'm not allergic. Oh, no Aunt Jen is transcribing and she explained it's a "cath" lab, for something called an Aortic Valve Dilation. I told her go ahead and explain what that means to you guys but I guess she's as clueless as I am about this one.

Looks like Mom and Dad are done talking about the serious stuff and headed back this way. I've gotta go! I hope they'll pick me up again... I'm awake, I'm awake!


  1. I love this blog. It puts a different perspective on things. Matthew, I wish you the best !

  2. We are praying for u Baby Matthew! U are now apart of our heart parents family and are a heart hero too! Can not wait to continue reading ur story!

  3. tears are falling I just can't help it ! Thank you for being awake for your Mommy! She needed to hold you!!

  4. Praying for u Baby Matthew! Welcome to the world and welcome to the heart parents family! U r a heart hero now too!

  5. Matthew ... you are adorable ... glad you are awake and were awake to see your mommy! I want you to know the first time I saw my mommy after a few days I pushed that tube they put in my lungs, right on out! All she had to say was "Hi, Erin Mommy's here!!" I just got it right out so I could try to talk to her and tell her how happy I was to see her, but then I realized she didn't understand me too well! I wish you were going to a cat lab and not a cath lab but you need to get this done, and most of us have been through it and it's not so bad, they give you some medicine to make you relax and then by the time you noticed there weren't any cats in the room it's all over and you're back with Mommy and Daddy ... I am praying for you little buddy ... stay strong tomorrow!! We will all be thinking about you and your entire family ... here's a hug for you and them ... I think this is how they do it online ;) (((((HUGS))))

  6. Sending many many prayers for Matthew and his family. Thank you for this blog and the interesting perspective you are taking. From one heart family (chder is going to be 9yrs old, treated in Boston in 2002)to another. Heart hugs

    Mom to Michael 15 HH, Serena 8 HRHS and Natalie 6 HH