Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Surprise!

Me and my main man, Santa Claus!
Merry Christmas Friends! Can you believe Santa came to see me in the hospital!! I guess that jolly man really is magic. Not only is this my first Christmas day, but as of about 5 minutes ago it is also my first day without a tube breathing for me since my surgery. Oh it feels so good to have that tube out of my nose and chest. My lungs feel really strong and healthy, and I can feel my heart getting stronger every day.

Mom was so happy when that tube came out that she cried. Dad was all smiles too, and I'm just so happy to see them both look a bit less worried every day. They came back last night telling me stories about their new friends Darren and Maureen and how nice these folks were to take good care of them and help make them feel a little bit of normal Christmas for a few hours. I can't wait until I can go all these fun places with Mom and Dad.

I don't know if Dad's work with the sick women and children and Mom's with the new babies at Thomas Hospital has helped get them ready for me and my heart trouble, but I know they are really strong. I think they are starting to get sad being around all the other babies and their mommies and daddies though. I heard Dad telling Aunt Jen that there is a little one here from Spanish Fort, AL, not far from our home in Daphne. They are here hoping and praying for a new heart for their 3 year old.

Dad says that sometimes it feels like everyone has the same story as us, only the details change. Lots of other mommies and daddies are here with their very special baby, having traveled thousands of miles and hoping for a miracle from these really smart doctors and surgeons and, for some, a little luck that a new heart will show up in time for them.

For all of the babies here at Boston Children's with me, and for all the mommies and daddies here loving them so much, I just want you to know that we are stronger than you can know. Nothing makes us happier than to see your loving faces smiling at us. And if all we ever had in our lives was a little time being loved by you guys, that would be enough for us. We love you guys and are so grateful to have been born to such wonderful people and we wouldn't trade our position for anything.

For all the kids who have moved on (whether they went to heaven or went home with their mommies and daddies from here): you are all my special friends. My Christmas wish for all of us is that everyone have some special time today, to just be happy and to appreciate how rare and beautiful life is, for however long we all have to live it, and that we remember to say how much we love each other every day.

Much, much love for a special Christmas Day for every one of you, coming from a special room in a really cool hospital in Boston!



  1. Merry Christmas, Matthew! Keep taking those deep breaths and we'll see you soon!

  2. Merry Christmas Matthew, mommy and daddy.What wonderful news that you got your breathing tube out, take lots of deep breaths. We love you all and continue to pray for good news each day and that you have a blessed Christmas. Love you. Aunt Marsha and Uncle Tom

  3. Merry Christmas Matthew!!!

  4. Merry Christmas Matthew and to your mommy and daddy too! That's wonderful news about having the breathing tube out. You are a strong little man. Merry christmas!

    Heart hugs and love,

  5. Happy first Christmas, sweet baby! Sending love and prayers to you and your mom and dad.
    Love, Anita

  6. Merry Christmas Matthew! We are thankful for a God who heard our prayers. Thank you for reminding us of the other kids and parents in the the same or worst situations than you are in. Your Mommy and Daddy told me it was REALLY important to them to raise awareness of all KIDS WITH HEART DEFECTS. Special thanks to yout friends and the sweet doctors at Thomas for the financial gifts that will help SO much. xoxo janie

  7. Merry Christmas Matthew! Thanks for all your updates... loved your words of wisdom today. :)


  8. MerrY Christmas Matthew!! You are doing so well. I know mommy and daddy must be so proud of you. I can't wait to meet you when you come home.

    Penny Richbourg

  9. Matthew and Family: I just read your story on the Heart Parents page on Facebook. My 7 year old, Alex, has HRHS and had 4 open heart surgeries before he was 3. Doing awesome now! Anyway - I had to come and post because my brother and his family live in Daphne! Small world! Their son, Thomas, was born with Transposition and had the arterial switch at Tulane. Yep - two CHD's on our family! Anyway -congrats on the extubation~! Big step and SO awesome seeing their cute little face! Matthew looks big and strong! Hang in there! Heart mom hugs! Judi and Alex Lund

  10. Matthew, you have given true purpose to this Christmas holiday for so many of us here at home in south Alabama!!!!!! Such a special little guy! We can't wait to meet you. Merry Christmas little friend! Love you, Laura Fancher

  11. Hey little cousin Matthew, just found out that you decided to come out into this big world early and accidently stumbled onto your website. Tell your family I love them and am praying for you all every day. You are a very handsome little boy and look great. All Our love! Dean, Sissie and Catelin Turner

  12. Merry Christmas Matthew ... you are such a sweetheart ... you've had a lot of cool experiences in your first week but I'd say the taking out of the breathing tube takes the cake ;) I know how icky those things feel and don't worry I'm 28 and my mommy still cries when I get them out ... my daddy even removed a few chest tubes in my lifetime ... daddy's sure are strong huh ... my mommy was always there to hold my hand ... mommy's are great at holding you and making you feel better :) I am sorry I couldn't wish you a Merry Christmas sooner ... I got in a car accident last night (hit a few deer) but I'm a-okay ... glad those Angels fly faster than Andy (my future hubby) was driving and surely glad they travel and don't just stay in the hospital thought I know they are all around you ... and me and everyone else all the time ;) I am praying for you Matthew and all your hospital buddies ... when you get older you'll make friends with them, I'm sure you are talking their ear off now too and making friends even if you don't know it ;) I am glad to hear you had a great holiday and I pray next year you'll be in your own bed, in your own home, with your own tree and trip to visit Santa (though it was cool he stopped by to visit you all, and I bet everyone enjoyed seeing him ... I still haven't figured out how he gets everything done ... so if he let you know maybe you could tell me too), and maybe Samson will even wear a Santa hat next year for you ... Stay strong little buddy and enjoy your mommy and daddy everyday ... and I hope you get to see your home very soon!! Lots of love to you all!! xoxo <3