Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Will Survive!

Check out Dad here!
Hi Friends, first I have to say thank you to the many, many of you who have been sending lots of love, energy and prayers for me and Mom and Dad the last few days. Your support has been so important and helpful for us during this time.

Wow, where to start! Well, two nights ago I knew something must be going on. Mom and Dad looked a little more concerned than normal. I thought maybe it was just because Dad was still worried about Mom. She got sick that morning and had to go to another hospital to get help. She still looked a little rough when she got here but I was just so happy to see her and Dad. She looks way better today, by the way.

Anyway, it turns out their concern wasn't about Mom but about me, which I realized when people in masks and colorful gowns came and wheeled me away from Mom and Dad. I was really scared at first, but then I saw them putting stuff in those plastic tubes and suddenly I was floating on clouds, seeing gumdrops and lollipops and didn't even realize I wasn't with Mom and Dad anymore.

I don't remember a lot about that night, but Dad said it was necessary for them put that balloon in my aorta and open up the lines before my big surgery yesterday. Oh my gosh and speaking of surgery... holy cow!

Pre-surgery. I LOVE sleep!
First, when I woke up yesterday (I slept late because I was up watching the lunar eclipse overnight - Mom had wheeled me over to the window to watch) and saw the worry in Mom's and Dad's eyes I had to take some deep breaths. They still looked at me like I was the most special thing in the world, but I could see the fear they were trying to hide from me. Babies know a lot more than big people think.

Again the colorfully gowned doctors and nurses came and rolled me away from Mom and Dad. Pretty soon I realized I couldn't kick and scream any more, which would have worried me except suddenly I was flying again. I flew for a long time. Then I was fishing with Dad. I've never been before but he's talked about it so much I could see it clearly. Then I was at our home with Mom and our dog Samson. I cannot WAIT to meet that guy! I had quite the adventure yesterday. I even spent some time visualizing and meditating on health and healing, and sending lots of energy to my heart to grow stronger for Mom and Dad, just like Aunt Jen said I should.

Well, Mom told me that between the energy healing and all the prayers and support from people all over, combined with the outstanding skill of Drs Baird and Brietbart, it worked! Mom and Dad looked positively radiant when I saw them again. I kept hearing Dad tell people on the phone: "Babies don't come out of the OR in better shape than Matthew!"

Tonight they are going to take me off this yucky medicine that prevents me from moving around like I want. I still have this tube going in my nose and into my chest for help breathing, but Dad said it might get to come out  by Christmas! I have to stay around all this equipment in this special care unit for a week or two. Oh wow, some nurses just came and took more lines out of my chest and belly button. Sweet! I must be rockin' the healing process!

After that Dad says they will move me to the "feeder/grower stage" where they'll just focus on "feeding" and "growing" me. Hey, wonder who thought of that clever name! I really like the sound of just eating and growing for a while. Really, the idea of eating sounds super cool right now.

I was really wondering how long it would be before I get to see my real home for the first time, and we can start doing all the cool stuff Mom and Dad have been talking about doing with me. I heard Dad tell Aunt Jen earlier that the minimum time is 3 weeks, but it could be as many as 6 weeks.

It's been awesome getting to have Grandpa Hall here with us. He flew up with Mom on Sunday to help her get up here okay, since she had just brought me into this world and all. Mom told me that Grandma Hall is coming on Christmas Day to be with us, and that a few days later my Aunt Addie and Uncle Jamie are coming. Then right after that Aunt Jen and my Mimi are coming to stay.

Man oh man, I cannot WAIT to meet more of my family. Mom and Dad are so cool I just KNOW the rest of our family is going to be totally awesome. Apparently I've already met several of them (Grandpa and Grandma Hall, Mimi, Uncle David, Aunt Addie and Uncle Jamie), but that was a few hours after I was born and just before I got on the plane to fly up here to Boston. I was on sensory overload (Mom tells me I have a great vocabulary) so I hope it doesn't bother them if I don't recognize them right off!

I'm going to stay here (well I can't move right now anyway) and keep talking to my little heart and tell it to keep healing so we can all go home!

Thanks to everyone for being there for Mom and Dad... I felt tons better knowing they had all of your support. And thanks to all of you other babies who have shared your stories with me. It really helps to know I'm not alone and that lots of other babies have been through the same thing and are doing great now.



  1. What wonderful news, I am so grateful that everything is going so well and little Matthew continues to improve. Our continued prayers and love you coming your way. All our love, Aunt Marsha and Uncle Tom

  2. Looks like we may be extubating Matthew tomorrow!

  3. I have been following Matthews blog..My son Jack is 9 months old and also has HLHS. He was born in boston and has had his first 2 surgeries at Childrens in Boston. I have to say, I just teared up when I saw that dr. Breitbart was his doctor. He is such a wonderful person. He is Jacks doctor too.. we love him so much! He as well as all the other doctors and nurses treat jack as if they were their own! You are in such a great place. If you ever need anything while you are here. I live just outside of boston and would love to help. It can be hard staying for so long in a hospital, especially during the winter season.. if you ever need any resource help, have questions, or just a nice home cooked meal, please feel free to contact me! I would love to help!
    Best wishes to Matthew... and happy first christmas!! May you recover from the first part of your journey with as much strength as you are already showing!!

  4. Matthew ... We LOVE you right back xoxoxo ... I'm so glad everything went well ... I'm glad you could just focus on fishing with daddy and thinking about going home and of course telling your heart to heal (that is very important) ... I used to do the whole "I think I can" like that little choo choo book my mommy and daddy read to me!! I loved it because I was the little engine that could! I'm sorry you have to spend Christmas in the Hospital but they make it as fun as they can ... I had to spend a few holidays in the hospital as well but you learn to adjust and when you are home you are just as happy!

    Don't worry you'll know your entire family when they get there, remember babies know more than those big people think we do ;) I am so glad you are doing better and you do have quite a large vocabulary already, I'm glad you learned early how to type and blog it took me almost 26 years :)

    I have been praying hard for you, Mommy and Daddy to stay strong, I know sometimes it gets tough but you know it will be so worth it when you are home just being a baby, and the feeding and growing isn't too bad, you just get to sick back relax and eat and grow ... sounds as fun as it is :)

    I want you to know I had a doggy named Sampson too (different spelling) ... maybe they are good luck :)

    Just know you are a super duper baby who has gone through more in his first few days of life than most people dream of ... but you have tons of other kids who are just like you and who get to grow up and be big and strong changers of the world ... how cool is that you are starting so early :)

    Love and hugs to you all!!! <3

  5. Good Morning Matthew!!! I've been reading your blogs. You are quite a writer to be so young! I was surprised to read on Facebook that you decided to make your grand entrance so soon. Is it because you heard about Santa? I'll bet you got the inside scoop somewhere, didn't you? (wink, wink) I hope you are doing good in Boston. I am praying for you and your Mama & Daddy too. I sure hope I can meet you one of these days. You sure are a cutie!!! Take care, Matthew! Tell Mom & Dad hi for me!
    Love your new friend, Lesley

  6. Great news Matthew! So glad you are doing so well. Keep sending that good healing energy to your heart. It really does work. :)

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

    Sending you lots of love & light,

  7. I read about your story on the news Matthew and I just had to come and read it myself. I am totally praying everything gets so much better for you and I have been sitting here in tears reading from start up until here now. I smile at the lil things that are said. You are one tough lil trooper for sure. Many prayers and much love are going out for you and your family.