Thursday, May 9, 2013

Surgery Date Moved

Couple quick updates.

  1. During the heart cath the doctors found Matthew's left pulmonary artery (PA), which supplies blood from the heart to the left lung, was "tortuous." This is a medical term which basically means coarse which causes some obstruction of blood flow. This is not the kind of thing they would intervene on during a heart cath and they may or may not elect to do so during surgery.
  2. Otherwise, the doctors were pleased with everything else they found during the cath.
  3. Finally, the surgery has been bumped to Monday from this Friday due to an influx of emergent open heart surgeries at Children's Hospital. 
  4. Matthew and family are having a day at the Children's Museum in Boston, thanks to some generous donors at Boston Children's Hospital who make tickets to all kinds of cool events available to families in town for medical care.

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