Monday, May 13, 2013

Big Day!

Does my butt make this chair look big?
Hi Friends,

Matt Matt here. I've been in Boston more than a week now and mostly we've just been having lots of fun! There was one day they took me to Boston Children's and back to the cat lab, but again, I saw zero cats in there (I'm thinking they need a better name for that place). I did go sound asleep again but this time my visions were lots more exciting. Probably because I have seen and done so many things now.

I was really sleepy for the rest of the day but also I was really sick of people telling me to lie still and flat on my back. Don't they know how many things there are to do in this city?? I was ready to jump up and get OUTSIDE but nope, uh uh. Mama was able to lie down in the bed with me though and at least that made it all a little nicer.

The next day things took a big time turn for the better. Mama, Dada, Mimi and I all went to a big museum just for kids!! It was so cool even the adults in my family were acting like kids and playing with me. There's a group here made up of men that are blue (kind of weird but whatever) and they play these funny drums made out of white tubes. They had a set at the museum and we all got to play even though we aren't blue! I'm glad they made that exception.

Just when I thought things couldn't get better, someone gave us tickets to see the Red Sox play!! I haven't been to a baseball game before and Dada said I was very very lucky to see my first game at Fenway Stadium. Everyone seemed a bit more relaxed and Mimi told me it's because I'm here to have a big surgery but it got moved to Monday (today) so we had some time to relax a bit.

The weekend was totally awesome as well. After Grandfather got here we all got on a big boat in the harbor and went around to see all the cool things about Boston by water. I dubbed myself captain at one point and took the helm.

We went to a bar that apparently has a long history of knowing everyone's name but that bar did not live up to that reputation. That's okay though because I already know exactly where everyone knows my name, and that's at Boston Children's Hospital.

Speaking of, I have to go take my shower and get ready for the talented surgeons here in Boston to open my chest up once more and complete the process of replumbing my heart so that I can breathe easier and so things will run a little more smoothly for me going forward. It's a complicated procedure and I think Jen Jen will tell you a bit more throughout the day.

But once again, I'll be sleeping soundly, flying with birds and superheros, lifted up by angel wings, and missing out on all the action here. I asked Jen Jen to send you pictures of some of our cool adventures while I'm sleeping though so I hope you guys enjoy them. She will also be telling everyone how I'm doing throughout the day.

For now, much love and appreciation for all of your thoughts, prayers and focused, positive energy for me and my family today.

Matt Matt

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  1. Wow you are awesome to have such smart doctors.... FANCY!