Monday, May 20, 2013

A Good News Update!

Matt Matt & Mimi find the play room
In case you missed it in some of my previous rants (Matt Matt's too), Matthew still has his chest tubes, which are pulling fluids from his lungs post-op. Additionally, it's not a good thing that he still has them a week out. The chest tubes are horribly uncomfortable and lots of times they're downright painful. They keep him from being able to move around, which blessedly he has wanted to do more and more in the last few days.

Finally this evening Dr. Breitbart said we are pulling the tubes in the morning! That collective sigh of relief you heard this evening was from an east wing at Boston Children's Hospital. This feels like a champagne toasting event. We won't be drinking of course, but one of you guys enjoy a Mimosa in the morning and raise a toast in Matthew's direction. I wish I could convey to him how much better he will feel immediately after, but I guess we'll settle for counting down the hours and consoling him in the meantime.

So what does this mean for the the rest of his stay? Well we are definitely not coming home Wednesday as originally planned. However, after the tubes are out, Matthew will stay two more days and then have a chest x-ray. If all looks good (no air or fluid pockets visible) then he'll be discharged. So Thursday at the very earliest.

It will be early afternoon before we can probably update again tomorrow but we'll post as soon as we can. Thanks again for all the prayers and love. They are felt and appreciated so very much.


  1. Hooray! The shout of joy you heard was from us in Mobile. We love you all. Kim and Whistle

  2. What a Glorious Lord We Serve. The power of prayer is amazing if you only believe.
    Much Love.
    Aunt Marsha