Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quick Status Update

Matthew was moved out of CICU and into a room last night. His oxygen canula was removed and his sats have been pretty good overall. He has received the "blow by" oxygen a couple of times though, when they dropped.

He continues to have too much fluid draining off his lungs so the chest tubes are still in, which, in my opinion, is one of his bigger issues right now from a pain standpoint. The tubes are really large and reportedly the big kids say the day the tubes come out is the day things change for them in terms of feeling better.

Sometimes he seems to feel like getting up and about but as he moves he has pain from the tubes then changes his mind. Ideally he shouldn't still have this much drainage a week out and if it continues we may be heading back to the cath lab to investigate.

He's irritated and vacillating between whimpering and crying for the last couple of hours and is clearly just plain miserable. He went outside this morning and hopefully we'll get him back outside again this afternoon for a bit.

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