Saturday, May 18, 2013

Matthew's No Spin Zone

Hi Friends,

I hear lots of you have been asking about me, praying for me, sending me love and energy for swift healing and I thank you for it. They told me about some of the updates you've been getting and I'm here to tell you that you can ignore all that sugar-coated crap that's been coming your

Dad says people want to know how I'm doing so I'm going to tell you. Jen Jen says she's unwilling to transcribe swear words for me because I'm too young to say them but take every one you've ever heard, put them all together and then scream them at the top of your lungs while you're completely constipated, have daggers in your chest, tubes from every extremity and oh yeah, a gaping wound in your sternum. Okay, maybe it's not gaping. In short friends, I feel like hell. I kind of feel like I just had open heart surgery. What's that? Oh, I'm being told I did. Well, there ya go. That's how I feel.

Honestly, I appreciate everyone trying to help me feel better but I am just sick to death of everyone touching me (except my family of course), poking me, prodding me, sticking me, measuring me, poking me again, forcing me to take meds, holding me while I puke them back up. I've taken to letting out a warning whimper every time a medical person walks in, just for good measure, even if it's just the janitor here to change the trash. Better to make it clear he shouldn't even think of coming near.

We finally got to go outside today, which was nice but I wish I could enjoy it more. Sometimes I want comfort. After outside Mommy held me in her lap until I fell asleep. I feel better when she or Daddy or Mimi or Jen Jen are nearby and holding me or my hand.

Other times I'm just ready to get on with things. I tried to stand up earlier. I had help from Mommy and Daddy and held on to Mommy's legs but I guess what they say is true... use it or lose it! Time to hit the gym again apparently. Most times though I just feel too darned crappy to move so I just lie here and wait for it to pass... including my bowels... I hope they pass very soon!!!

Ohhhhhh.... well I just got a shot of something magical in my IV line and I'm starting to see things again that people around me can't. Better sign off rather than risk saying something goofy. :)

Thanks for all the love and well wishes. I'm trying to get through this... whatever this is. I thought we came to Boston to have fun! The airplane, the ball game, the museum, the harbor cruise... guess we weren't here for a fun vacation after all. Off to sleep and let the body heal.


  1. Oh little pooky... I'm so sorry you feel so crappy . I know you are getting the best care and with our new and improved O Care they must have discussed with you what pain meds do to the ole bowel. Surgery in general can do that... This too shall PASS! Tomorrow you will be a little more healed than today. We will keep praying because that's all we know to do and God loves you and your family. Let us know how you are tomorrow because when you're hurting we are sad. Love you little Super Hero!

  2. Oh, Sweet boy, hopefully it will be over soon & you'll be back home, playing & enjoying yourself. I pray that it happens soon. Sending love & prayers for your speedy recovery!