Sunday, January 23, 2011

My First Week Home!

As I was saying...
Hi Friends! As Mimi has shared with you, it's been a busy time lately. Who am I kidding? It's been busy since the moment I took my first breath. Well, I was right about making it home from Boston without any problems. It was kind of fun too. People kept making a fuss over me, and taking care to be sure I was comfortable and safe. People are so nice.

We got home without any trouble, in spite of all the snow that tried to keep us from leaving Boston (Mom said it was so much snow that it got its own name: a blizzard). But I guess that lots of people travel while they are sick and Dad says that on the airplane you don't get fresh air, only the same air everyone is breathing the whole time. So somewhere along the way I picked up an infection.

The infection caused me to get sick. The morning after we got home I stopped breathing and, apparently, I turned blue. I sure wish someone had taken a picture of that because I bet that was a sight! I guess it really scared Mom and Dad a lot though, so taking pictures wasn't at the top of their minds. Well that got us a trip in a big van called an ambulance which took us to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola. Dad said this is where I was born and spent my first few hours but so much has happened since then I didn't remember it at all.

While I was in the hospital they learned of my infection and started treating me for it. We stayed there for several days before I got to come to my home in Daphne again. We've been home now for almost a week. Things are started to feel calm now, and I really love being home with just Mom and Dad.

First time meeting Uncle Ryan!
I am feeling lots better and Dad says I am growing like a weed! He says that weeds grow really fast (at least in our garden) but that rate of growth is really good for a baby. Yesterday Aunt Jen came to visit. I heard her saying how my cheeks are getting fat, and that I have a double chin, whatever that means. She said something about rolls on my legs too. I was trying to decide if I was offended but everyone seemed to smile and be really happy about what she said, so I think it was a good thing!

Samson, making sure Aunt Jen
is being nice to me.
Our dog Samson is so cool too. If I start fussing he always runs over and peeks his head over my bassinet to see if I am okay. He likes to sniff and lick me, but Mom usually makes him stop that. Dad has been busy putting stuff together for me. The other day he made this really cool swing, which I just love!

The doctors gave me a new machine to keep a constant check on my heart and breathing rates. I just wear this strap around my chest and if I don't breathe enough or something else happens, an alarm goes off. It's so loud that it would probably wake me up anyway if I had any problems. But I'm doing great. I feel better every day and go to the doctor a lot so they can tell Mom and Dad how well I'm doing also.

I heard Mom and Dad talking about the hospital bills that started showing up. They were both saying how lucky we are to have really good insurance, and that we'll just figure out how to take care of the rest. Right now they are trying to sort out how to manage their time off from work so that they have enough left for my next surgery. We have to go back to Boston in 3 - 6 months for that.

Mom keeps saying how overwhelmed she is with the generosity of our friends and family, old and new alike. Apparently people have been sending them money just out of love and kindness to help them with all the unexpected costs I brought to them.

I'm trying so hard to be really good and healthy so Mom and Dad aren't so worried, but I'm seeing now that, with two more surgeries ahead for me, they are just going to be worried no matter what. They are really a great team. Dad listens closely and learns all the medical stuff about my heart and the surgeries while Mom stays really tuned in to me all the time, noticing any little change in my condition. I feel like the luckiest baby to have them both, and one day I'm going to show them and make sure they feel like the luckiest parents in the world to have me too! They sure seem to feel that way now, but I want to make really sure.

Well, my Grandpa Hall is coming to visit me soon, and I think Aunt Jen and Uncle Ryan are going to come see me today before they leave town again too, so I have to go start getting handsome! Much love to you all and thank you for being so nice to my Mom and Dad. I know they are really grateful for you.



  1. Matthew you are so handsome ... you seem to have an "old soul" you'll learn that is a good thing ... and I'm so glad people are helping your mommy and daddy out with money ... when I was a little baby my mommy's job held a party for me and people gave donations but I didn't know they were giving us money, I just was happy to eat cake ... guess what ... I talked to your Mimi on Facebook and I just love her so much ... I'm hoping to come get some Alabama loving someday and meet your whole family ;) You are such a sweet little guy and you are right I bet when you turned blue that was a site and I doubt your parents had pictures in mind ... I used to have that happen to ... sometimes we are lucky that happens or else no one would understand that something is wrong ... guess it's God's way of helping us yell when no one is understanding our baby language ... I told you that Samson would love you and just want to cuddle you up, glad you'll have a great doggy buddy ... he's already protective of you and you'll be just as protective when you are a bit bigger ... no pulling his ears okay ;)

    You parents already know how lucky they are but when you can talk it doesn't hurt to give them big hugs and say I LOVE YOU ... and when you are about to get in trouble it doesn't hurt to give them big hugs and say I LOVE YOU either ;) You are such a fighter and you have so many people who care about you and your family ... you have such a life story ... tell the kids in the sand box to top that one day ;) Keep up the happy babyness (I made up that word I know you understand) and just keep growing like a weed!!

    I love you buddy!!



  2. Matthew you are such a beautiful boy and I am so happy that you are doing good!! CJ's Crew would like to send a donation to you and your family to help. Please let me know where to send it to. You are so strong keep up the great work<3

    Heart Hugs,

    Alyssa @ CJ's Crew

  3. I am so glad that you are doing much better. I know you a one tuff little guy and that you will be giving mom and dad lots to do to keep up with you. We love you and can't wait to get down to Daphne to cuddle you in our arms. Love you all. Aunt Marsha & Uncle Tom

  4. I heard about you guys through two fellow heart families and then on the news as well, and have been keeping up with Matthew for a little while now. I thought I would reach out and say hello to you guys and let you know that you have certainly been in my thoughts and prayers. My daughter was born with several complex chds and ended up having a heart transplant when she was 2 weeks old... she is now almost 4 and doing great! If you guys ever need anything let me know, we live in Mobile, so not too far away from you guys!

    Helen Moore

  5. Hi guys. Matthew you look wonderful. YOu never got to meet Zoie, but we did get to see you when you were in Boston....Mommy and Daddy can tell you about that. Anyway we are home now too and Zoie is doing wonderful. I am going to keep up on how you are doing. I didnt know if you had facebook so I will keep updated on here. Hope all is well!!!!!

    Brandi, Viktor and Zoie