Wednesday, January 5, 2011

All Smiles

Hi, again! Sorry we've been so quiet the past few days. Matthew is still doing well but won't go home this week like we thought he might. This week the doctors have been running different tests on Matthew's heart and lungs to see how they look post surgery.

With all of his family keeping close watch, Matthew shows us more and more of his personality each day. He is a good, happy baby who sleeps a lot and only cries in short bursts if he needs his diaper changed. He has started waking up and getting restless before feeding times and is regularly taking his full bottle. He's now up to 6.1 lbs and growing!
Matthew loves all of his nurses and occasionally Will or Nikki will wake up in the middle of the night only to find that he is out at the nurse's station being quite the ladies man. His favorite time of day is in the evening -- probably because that is when Nikki would get up and go to work during her pregnancy. This evening we read a new book and Matthew was wide awake and checking all of us out.

Matthew is still on that tiny bit of oxygen and hasn't been able to come off of it and maintain the levels they'd like to see. We'll see if things improve this week and if not they have some options, such as a catheter dilation, they can try. As complicated as it sounds, for Matthew's case this is better than his oxygen levels being too high for his body to process easily. And compared with other babies who have had recent surgery he has had very few complications.

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