Monday, February 7, 2011

May The Force Be With Us

Hi Friends! Sorry I've been quiet for a while, though Mom wouldn't say I've been so quiet. Aunt Jen was off sailing around some islands, then starting a new job and unable to transcribe for me for a bit. Oh, I have so much to tell you.

First, I continue to be most excited about mealtime, and Dad keeps comparing me to weeds. I think he must really like weeds because he sure seems to like me. He even let me try on his favorite hat the other day!

I've been feeling really good, which is a relief because Dad has been really sick lately himself. It's such a nice change to not be the one who is sick all the time, though I hated Dad was sick. He seemed really miserable. I told him to cheer up, at least he didn't have open heart surgery! :)

Dad has gone back to work and is trying really hard to get started back in his nursing school soon so he can finish. Mom has been focusing on setting up my ongoing care once she has to start back to work, which I heard her say is coming lots sooner than she'd prefer.

I figure she works in a place with lots of other little babies, why couldn't she just sneak me in and put me in the mix and maybe no one would notice I am coming to work with her every day! Aunt Jen gets to take her dog to work every day now, so it seems only fair I could go to the nursery where Mom works with her, right? I'm lots cuter than Aunt Jen's dog (she probably won't type that part, but Mom said it really is true).

Last night we all watched the Super Bowl together. Mom said she just likes to watch the commercials. Our favorite was this really neat story about a little kid who dressed up like a character named Darth Vader. Dad says that's from a classic movie called Star Wars that he'll show me real soon. It was so neat how that kid could just use his special power to start the car - I was so amazed.

Turns out that kid (I heard his name is Max) has a congenital heart defect, just like me! Wow, now I'm really impressed! I think lots of people are afraid that kids like me can't grow up and have lives like other people, but Dad says that is a bunch of garbage and that I can do whatever I want. Well it's nice to have kids like Max to really make that point in a public way.

Aunt Jen said she'll put that commercial in this post so you can watch it, though she said there's no way anyone hasn't seen it yet. Much love to all of you. Thank you for your ongoing love and support. I promise to keep you posted, especially as we approach my second surgery.



  1. That is the sweetest thing.. Love to you to little man you keep growing like a bad weed ok!!

  2. Matthew, you little Scamp! You continue to make us all smile and laugh!!!!! What a wonder you are. Keep it up all your life!