Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hi Friends, many people have been worried about and praying for me for a long time. I know that what's wrong with my heart is very serious but I was thinking last night while looking out my window on the snowy Boston skyline. I'm just learning that, by comparison, maybe this is not so bad. Monday is the 3rd birthday of another little guy who is here from Spanish Fort, AL, next to my home town. He is here in a special room where they are giving him medicines and keeping his heart going until he can find a new heart. I hear he's first on the list so I think he has a really good shot.

They moved a new little girl into the room with me as well. She is a couple months older than me but had a heart surgery like I did. I also heard her mommy say that she has ear problems, which will make her have another surgery in a couple months. Her mommy said something about how her condition makes her look "down" all the time as well. I can't see her through my curtain though, so I can't verify that. This morning her mommy asked my family to look after her baby, because her daddy passed away and she had to go to the funeral.

It seems like no matter how big and scary things seem, there are bigger and scarier things happening with someone else, so we can always find a reason to be grateful and to appreciate each moment of our lives, for as long as we are given those moments.

Today I'm grateful for Mom and Dad, who are so brave and strong, and insist on the best care for me. I'm thankful for my family who have come all the way up to Boston to see me. I'm thankful for all of you, who are supporting us with your love, thoughts, kindness, generosity and prayers. I'm thankful for perspective (Dad taught me that word and said it's what I am getting now). I'm thankful for all the amazing doctors and nurses here at Boston Children's. They are all so great to me, and also to my family. It means so much.

I'm certain that between all of your love and help and all of the great care here at Boston Children's (as well as my own "chats" with my heart, of course) I'll be out of here and home before we know it. I'm sleeping well, I have my appetite back and am eating really well, and I'm still off the oxygen with great looking numbers!

Much love to you all from a special floor at Boston Children's. I hope each of you will find several great reasons to be thankful and happy today.


  1. Matthew you keep that mindframe okay, no matter how tough stuff gets someone always is getting it tougher ... took me a long time to really let that sink in ... you seem like you're on a better path than I was ... I was a "debbie downer" (ask daddy to teach you that word) all the time ... and I didn't like it ... now I am a cheerful woman with a great outlook on life ... prayers your way ... keep smiling ... keep eating, and keep talking to your heart ... hope you'll get to go home very soon!! xoxo <3

  2. Hi my name is Adreana and my son was born 9-8-10 in Boston and we spent the first month of his life at CHB. I know how hard it is to be there and to also connect with other moms and children in there. I found myself getting very emotionally involved in their stories. It does open your eyes to the reality of life and that every story doesn't always have a happy ending. I know Aidan and his mom(Sam) and grandmom(Diane). They are such wonderful people!!! Tell them Mason says hi and is doing great! Be strong and have faith. As you already know you have the best Dr's out there helping your son fight his battle. Best of luck and lots of hugs!!!