Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Week!

Aunt Jen, teaching me how to blog
Hi Friends, thanks for all who have been asking about me. Sorry for not writing sooner, but I've been so busy this week with all my family who have been here to visit and entertain me! My goodness it's been such a fun and exciting week. I'll try to catch you up before I fall asleep again.

First, I'm starting to feel like a prince - there always seems to be someone in line to hold me, feed me, even change my diapers. The other day my Aunt Jen, Aunt Addie and Uncle Jamie all teamed up to change the mess of a diaper I had made just for them, right after Mom and Dad left the room. You should have seen the whole thing. I was laughing so hard at the three of them. Let me tell you, I decided to challenge them. As soon as that diaper came off I stuck both my feet into the mess down below. While Aunt Jen was cleaning my feet off, I decided to potty again, just to see how they'd react. Oh, it was a hoot watching the three of them in action!

Uncle Jamie & Aunt Addie
The nurses have been trying to take away my oxygen tube all week, but sometimes it gets kind of hard for me to get enough oxygen in my blood so they put it back on, which helps a lot. A couple days ago they took me back to that lab full of cats... oh sorry, that's the "cath" lab (you try saying that with no teeth)... and gave me some medicine to keep me still while they looked at my heart. Something made me feel really funny and suddenly my body was making these uncontrollable movements and everybody started to panic. Mom cried a lot that day. I know she was afraid.

After that they did some more tests. They stuck white pads all over me and watched a bunch of lines on their machine for a while, did some more poking around with needles, and finally the doctor told Mom and Dad that everything looked fine.

Yesterday I had the most amazing experience. I finally started to figure out how that bottle with milk works and have been eating it right away, rather than always falling asleep when they give it to me. But yesterday... oh man, you won't believe this... I found out where that milk comes from... Mom showed me the very source of it and let me have some right from the source. That was really cool and was lots more fun than that plastic bottle! I hope I get to do lots more of this.

Are you my Mimi??
Mom's family left this morning, and I think I only have Mimi and Aunt Jen a couple more days. With everyone leaving I decided I better get on the ball too, because I know I'll miss them. So when they took my oxygen away again yesterday I decided to talk to my heart again and tell it to get it in gear and it seems like it worked! I'm still doing great without the oxygen. This is the longest I have gone without it.

I heard the doctor tell Mom this morning that he was really pleased with how well I'm doing and that he just wants to watch me a few more days. He said if I keep doing well maybe I can go home at the beginning of next week!

I'm pretty sure having my family here all week was a big help. I feel so much better when someone is holding me. It's so fun how they think everything about me is cute. They even laugh at my sneezes, which is kind of fun. The baby in the room with me got to go home yesterday. She had the same thing as me - HLHS, but she was born in Mexico. She's going to stay with some family in Tennessee for a while now, close to where Aunt Jen lives.

Oh, Mom looks like she's about to let me have some more of that yummy milk so I have to go! Much love and thanks to you all. Mom and Dad keep talking about how nice everyone is and how overwhelmed they have been with all of your support.



  1. Matthew is darling and I understand why he is being attended to by family aand nurses. How great it would be if you guys could come home next week. I have to say Will, I miss you at the desk on fourth floor. But you do what's best for that sweet baby and we are looking forward to meeting him when the Docs give the green light for visitors. Mama Karen

  2. Matthew ... I loved hospital time for that reason ONLY ... everyone wanted to hold me, cuddle me, kiss me, now of course I got this stuff all at home but when I was in the hospital I figured out I couldn't get in trouble, everything was cute ... I would laugh when I was older than you as I threw cups of juice on the floor ... ohh I was one of "those" babies ... doesn't seem like you're going to be that type of baby, you'll just smile the whole time while blogging about your experience ... I'm sure that was scary in the "cat" lab ... I like that name better, let's try to get it re-named ... the cat lab doesn't sound scary at all ;) I hope you'll get to come home soon too ... I'm so glad your neighbor went home, that makes me smile, as I'm sure you smiled as you waved goodbye ... and don't worry about not seeing them, you'll learn we always know the other is there ... even if we can't see them ... just like we all know you're in there while we are out here ... it's a pretty good deal ... a lot of instant friends and great people for your mommy and daddy to get to know :) I am so proud of you little buddy, you keep talking to your heart and keep eating, hanging out, and blogging ... your Auntie seems really cool for teaching you to blog :)