Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On Second Thought...

My first night in a regular bed!! I LOVE being swaddled.
...maybe we'll just stay here in Boston for a while! Hi Friends, Mom and Dad are super busy right now so I have some time to send a quick update. I left Boston Children's Hospital yesterday for the first time since the day I was born! It is REALLY cold outside too! We all slept at the Yawkey Center last night, where Mom and Dad have been staying the last several weeks. It was kind of hard for me to sleep without people coming in the room every hour fussing over me. It was so quiet I could hardly rest at all.

I am so excited about going home. We were supposed to leave this afternoon to fly home, but our flight got canceled. Mom said they put us on another flight for tomorrow night, but it sounds like a lot more snow is coming and so we might not get out of here for several more days. Mom is so sad and Dad is really tired. They have waited a long time for me to get well and now that we are this close to coming home, we might be stuck here anyway.

I am trying to be super good so that I'm not the reason they are sad, but I am getting an idea they are always going to be worrying about me, no matter what. As much as I want to go home, I'm cool with hanging out here too... as long as Mom and Dad and I are all together, that's all that really matters! I heard Dad saying that we will probably just stay here for a while, rather than try to leave and get stuck in an airport somewhere, without medical equipment on hand, in case I have a problem.

I'm certainly not going to have any problems, but they don't know that for sure like I do. Thanks again for all your support! We sure are looking forward to getting home... eventually.



  1. so so happy you are able to go home Matthew!!! At least soon I hope....I'm in Massachusetts right now too...and getting ready for the crazy storm we are going to have....Take lots of pics of the snow!!! Look at them when you are back down south and it is really hot out.... Soooo Happy for you that you're out of the hospital.
    Cindy-Maddie's Grandma

  2. Heres hoping you gat a flight real soon brave lil Matthew. Love and prayers to you your mummy and daddy

    from fellow heart family
    Cassie symms & family uk x x

  3. Matthew I hate to say it (because we as "kids" tend to think we are right) but I agree with your daddy ... you should be near medical staff and support you know just incase ;) I am sure your mommy is sad but know that it's better to all get home in one piece instead of stuck in some yucky airport (the food is not really that good) ... you look GREAT ... I'm amazed at your healing process and in a few years I might come to you and ask you your trick to talking to your heart ;) Get home with your family safe little buddy but right now you are right ... as long as you are all together that is all that matters ... you are such cutie ... I'm sure mommy and daddy will have fun at the airport with all the people just thinking you are too cute for words ... and since you didn't get them on your first flight ... be sure to ask the stewardess for some of those wings they give kids on their first flight ... it would be your second but one day it will be pretty cool for you to have something to rememeber this time by (because luckily for you and I we get to forget this stuff when we get older) you know how mommy might have had "baby brain" when she was pregnant with you ... you are lucky enough to be born with a baby brain ... so you won't remember all this crazyness ... so get as many momentos as you can ;) <3 Praying for you always Matthew!!!

  4. Matthew, I have just read about you on Laura Fanchers facebook page. I live in Fairhope, AL right close to where you live. You are just precious and I am praying for you and your Mom and Dad and for a safe trip home when weather permits :)