Friday, May 13, 2011

Surgery Updates

Will & Matthew, pre-op
Hi All,

Aunt Jen here. Mimi is in Boston with Will, Nikki and Matthew, so I will plan to update this post as I receive news. All times EDT:

Friday, May 13
2:30: Matthew is in pre-op. Will and Nikki are still with him at this time
4:30: Matthew's surgery begins
5:45: Matthew is on bypass
8:00: Surgery went well. Surgeons are wrapping up (closing, etc.), then Matthew will be moved out of OR and will have chest x-ray and other tests necessary after the procedure. Probably will be another hour or so before Will and Nikki can visit with him.
11:00: According to Dr. Baird, Matthew's left ventricle was better developed than they anticipated. They proceeded with the Glenn operation, but said there is hope for a future biventricular repair, which is outstanding news.

Matthew is recovering.

Saturday, May 14
9:00am: Matthew is doing pretty well. He is still intubated this morning, but has started breathing over the vent. The weaning process has begun and hopefully he will be extubated by this evening.
6:00pm: Matthew has been extubated and is doing well. He woke up this afternoon for the first time since surgery and he apparently protested rather loudly. The team gave him some meds to calm him and he's resting comfortably now. Now that he's waking up I have a feeling he'll have an update for himself soon... :)


  1. Baby Matthew has been my prayers all day. Two years ago we went through this same surgery with our grandson......and we know it was the prayers of so many that gave us the strength and courage needed that day. You are all being lifted in prayer today.
    The Cross Family
    Mobile, Alabama

  2. That is so awesome to hear! Keep up with the updates!
    Kathy Wimberly

  3. Looking good there, Little Man! Keep up the good work and get well soon!