Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back In Boston

Here is the most handsome grandson anyone could have!! Well, he has a couple of cousins who are pretty cute too! ;-)

He is also so very precious!! His smile lights up the entire room!

In the pre-dawn hours yesterday, Matthew, along with his mom and dad, boarded a plane and flew to Boston. According to Will, he was a huge flirt on the airplane, no doubt winning the hearts of total strangers!!
They arrived safely and spent the rest of the day chillin' and getting ready for a big week of testing and doctor visits.These tests will give the surgeon a "game plan" for the surgery. Our hope is that they will be able to recruit the left side of Matthew's heart to function. Bi-ventricular function would be HUGE--let's pray for that!

Will and Nikki sent this pic earlier today. Although he looks a bit tired, Matthew seems to be
enjoying the excitement. I know he loves being with his mom and dad all day and night!

On Monday, May 16th (Matthew's 5 month birthday), he will have his second OHS -- the Glenn
procedure. This surgery will make him LOTS better.

We are really looking forward to a family/friend celebration party when they get back home!!

My Mother's Day gift from Will, Nikki and, of course, Matthew is pictured below. Totally a wonderful gift. Matthew's Aunt Jen says it looks like his first effort to "hang 10!!" :-) Before we know it, he'll be on a surf board in the gulf saying, "hey, y'all, watch this!"

Thank you for all your love, prayers, and concern for Matthew and for our family. Please continue to pray.

Dottie McClurg
aka "Mimi"


  1. We will absolutely be praying for Matthew and family. Sam was a totally different kid after his Glenn - it was such a blessing but such a difficult thing to prepare for and go through. Keep the updates coming! Matthew looks so big!
    Kathy Wimberly
    Mom to Sam - HRHS, 2.5 years old

  2. Dottie, you guys hang in there. He is beautiful! This is the same procedure that Chase had. It was so hard while going through itnubby he felt so much better after. We wil be praying for you that God would work through this whole situation.

  3. We ALL are praying for all of you and KNOW that Matthew is a fighter and will do great on the 16th. Many prayers always<3, Alison/Heart Parents Mom of Brooklyn CHD Shones Syndrome 8 years old!!!!

  4. hi Mimi & family!
    I have thought about this little guy often, and Brent and I will send LOTS of prayers...and also put on request list at church so we can get a few hundred goin up!
    Tell the little sweetie to be strong and fight hard (he is a McClurg...no problem there!) love ya'll!

  5. Hi Dottie,
    There are lots of prayers for little Matthew as he undergoes this procedure! He is a beautiful baby! Hope all goes well, and ya'll take care. Karen & Rod Matthews