Sunday, May 15, 2011

Post-Surgery Update

M post-surgery,
on "blow by" O2
Matthew is doing well since his surgery ended Friday night. He was extubated yesterday afternoon and spent most of a day on "blow by" oxygen. This means there is a tube blowing oxygen into his face, rather than the nasal tube of direct oxygen.

However, he did end up needing to have the nasal tube, which you can see in the picture here of the first time Mom got to hold Matthew since before surgery. By all accounts he's doing really well and some staff have remarked "he could be out of here in a week!"

Finally holding Matthew!
Of course we know from his first surgery that hiccups do happen, so just like with all CHD babies, everyone is taking it one day at a time, always hoping for the best but trying to be ready for whatever may come.

Mimi will head home on Tuesday. Grandpa Hall returns Monday.


  1. Praying for a 'hiccup' free recovery! Sam was on the nasal cannula for a week but we went home without it, thanks to gradual weening and with some good respiratory therapy. I hope you see a big difference in Matthews energy and motor skills as he recovers...I know that was the most rewarding part for us. We are still praying for you all!
    Kathy Wimberly

  2. Good to see everything is going well for you. May God bless your precious little Matthew with a speedy and complete recovery.

  3. I am so happy for all of you that Matthew is doing well and will continue to pray for a speedy,hiccup free recovery <3

    Heart hugs,
    Alyssa soldani~sylvia

  4. Hi Matthew and Family
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. U are a courageous, strong and determined Fighter. U are a Brave Warrior, Smilen Champ, and an Inspirational Hero.
    I was born with a rare life threatening disease.
    Matthew will be in my thoughts.