Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat and Happy at Mardi Gras!

Mimi pimped my crib for Mardi Gras
Hi Friends! I'm writing less often because... well who wants to keep hearing about how blissfully happy I am these days! I keep getting fatter and happier.

I was starting to worry about my weight and, since I know Mom would never tell me the truth about it (she thinks I'm perfect), I asked Mimi when I stayed with her last week. I asked her if she thought I should go on a diet. Mimi said this is the only time in my life when chubbiness will be "adorable" and I should really embrace it while I can.

The shirt says it all!
So now I'm downing Mom's milk like it's candy and reveling in all my rolls! Only drawback is that people keep pinching them. Just wait until I figure out how to make my hands do what my brain wants them to do!

Mom and Dad have both started back to work. They are working opposite shifts (one on days, one on nights) so one of them can almost always be with me. When they can't for some reason, Mimi and Papa step in and I get to stay with them for a while. Mimi and Papa are a hoot. They both make me laugh. They have this bird that lives inside. He talks up a storm all the time. Last week when I was there he wouldn't stop saying "war eagle," whatever that means.

Don't pinch the rolls!
This week is a big carnival that everyone calls Mardi Gras. Dad said that means "Fat Tuesday," and it's a day people have a really big party and have parades in the streets. He said people on big floats throw free stuff to the people watching the parade, like beads and stuffed toys and something called moon pies. I bet I could gain some more weight if Mom would let me eat some of those!

Dad says I'm too young to go to Mardi Gras right now, but maybe in a few years we could go watch all the excitement. After all, he said that Mobile is where Mardi Gras started in the first place!

I hope you all are doing well and are as fat and happy as I am. Wait, Mimi just told me I shouldn't hope everyone is fat, sorry about that. Well I hope you're all super happy.


  1. Matthew looks fabulous and happier than a ham :) He's an absolute doll. Keep up the good fight, Matthew!

    Mom to Zoe - www.thelihns.blogspot.com

  2. Hey Matthew I've changed my blog ... its Erin Chd Survivor ... you look GREAT!!! I'm so glad you are "fat" and happy that is wonderful ... so many prayers were sent your way and to see you happy ... and I'm sure your Mommy and Daddy are just enjoying you being a baby!! <3 Love you!!