Friday, December 17, 2010

My First Big Adventure

Dad tells me I have lots of great friends already. That is too cool, since I hear making friends can be challenging sometimes. As Aunt Jen told you, I showed up early. It's like this... I was doing my daily exercise to try to strengthen my heart. I found this jump rope in here that worked great to get some cardio workouts in each day. Well on Wednesday I was doing my normal routine and I ran into some trouble. The jump rope started getting all twisted around my neck, which was kind of annoying. I pulled and twisted and contorted (Dad taught me that word a little while ago) my body around to try to get free, but all I managed to do was to pull a knot in the cord (Dad says he's going to teach me knot-tying soon, so I don't have that problem again).

At that point I knew I had a mess on my hands and was going to need some help from the outside. As luck would have it, I found this stick pin just floating around in here (I know, I couldn't believe it either) and so I started poking around, trying to get Mom's attention. I think I poked too hard because suddenly all the water around me started pouring out. Talk about making a bad situation worse! I really don't want Mom and Dad to think I'm going to be a problem child, but darned if it isn't starting out that way. I'm going to try harder to be less trouble. Maybe I'll start on that plan tomorrow though.

Well Mom called Dad who was working the overnight shift at the hospital and he came and got us and drove like the wind to the hospital so I could get out of Mom's belly and get some help with my jump rope situation. I think I scared the doctor a little at first too, but she recovered nicely and knew just how to get that rope from around my neck.

Man, the minute I laid eyes on Mom and Dad I knew I had made the right choice. Mom was crying so much and I know this time they were happy tears. She and Dad just looked at me and told me how much they love me and I knew I was home.

And then just as quickly I was carried off by nurses. Those nurses were nice but they sure did poke me a lot. I gave them the what-for too. Everyone in that room knew I what I was saying! Then they put me on a plane with Dad and suddenly we were in the air. While we were flying Dad told me he was going to teach me how to fish. Oh, I can't wait to get back home from Boston and learn. Mostly right now though, I can't wait to get this tube out of my body so I can be in Dad's arms again.

Dad told me Mom will be here Sunday. That day can not come soon enough. We haven't been apart this long in... well, ever! She cried so much when she said goodbye to me. I wanted her to come too, but the doctors wouldn't let her.

I'm really sleepy now so going to sign off. I'll update you more later. For now, check out all the cool gadgets they've got for me to look at and listen to while I'm awake (picture above)! Man, this crazy world is too cool. What an adventure it's been already!


  1. Awesome post!

    Welcome Matthew...Your adventure has only begun. There is much goodness in store for you.

  2. Welcome to the world Matthew ... hey you got your first plane ride down pretty early ... sorry it wasn't a jumbo jet ... maybe in a few years ;) I've lived with CHD for 28 years ... and I'm doing great, don't worry the poking and prodding with continue a few years but you will learn to ignore it and focus on Mommy and Daddy! I know how you feel buddy, my mommy couldn't be with me for 3 whole days after I came into this big wide world, but like you my daddy was there for every step of the way ... trust me I was surely glad, and I know your mommy will be there soon!! Stay strong sweetheart and know we are all praying for you! You've had an exhausting first day ... so you just take a break and relax ... I bet those nurses are in love with you already ;) I hope you get to go home really soon Matthew ...
    lots of love ...
    from your newest friend!!!

  3. That was absolutely precious!

    Welcome to the world Matthew!! My son is 20 months old and he's been poked and prodded just like you. Thankfully he hasn't taken off on a jet, but I don't want you sharing that plane ride story with him because I don't want him getting any ideas! :) We sure hope you're doing well right now and that your Mommy can be with you soon. I'm sure she's going crazy not being able to look at you and hold your hand right now. Stay strong sweet boy, and we're praying for you!


  4. Hi Matthew! My name is Sam and I am 2 years old. I have HRHS, so together we would have a full heart! My family is from Mobile, AL, so we know your hometown well. We live in Macon, GA now, and I just wanted you to know my family and I will be praying for you and thinking about you! The CHD life is tough but you will NEVER be alone on your journey! I'll be watching your blog for new posts!
    Love, Sam
    And Kathy and Chris (Mom and Dad of Sam)

  5. Hi there, Matthew! I just wanted to welcome you and your parents to the heart community! There are a LOT of us out here who will be praying for you and supporting you through your journey. My little guy, Chase, is 14 months old and has the same special heart as you do. He's had his Norwood and Glenn and is doing fantastic! This road definitely isn't easy, but it IS doable and you have such a great support group rallying around you! Please continue to keep us posted... We can't wait to see how well you're going to do!

    Heart Hugs!
    Chase's Mommy, Kathy

  6. Matthew is quite the writer. Thank you for sharing this story. I love you guys so much and I know why you were chosen to be Matthew's parents. Will and Nikki are true "Brave Hearts" themselves. Here is another new word Matthew... YUCKY... that is when your Mommy comes home to your real real house and nursery and... no you.. no Daddy... not even Samson (your REALLY cool dog) was there. We felt sad and I don't want that to happen again. I hope you tell those smart doctors to get you fixed because you have a family and a dog and you want to go fishing with Daddy.

  7. This is a wonderful blog! I worked with Will at the hospital and remember how excited he was to meet you Matthew! You have a wonderful Dad and I am sure a wonderful Mom because your Dad told me all about her. Stay strong little guy and we will be praying for you!

  8. Matthew you are so sweet and precious! Your blog rocks. We are thinking of you knowing that you will fight hard to get better and come home soon. I'm sending a TON of prayers up for you kiddo!
    You guys please let me know how to help. Stay strong...Malia.

  9. Matthew, my son Jack was born in boston, he also has HLHS, he is 9 months now. You couldn't be in a better place. Those doctors and nurses are amazing and soo very caring. We are thinking of you everyday!